Straight Gun Belt
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Double Thick Conceal Carry Straight Gun Belts 1.5 inch wide

If you conceal carry on a daily basis and wear a regular store bought belt it just won't hold up to the weight of the gun for long. 

I construct my belts out of two layers of High Quality veg-tan leather, stitched with high quality saddle thread. Standard seven holes with the center hole being your belt size.  Made to last and help you keep your firearm close and concealed.


Belt Sizing Instructions


Ordering the proper size belt the first time is easy. The best way to insure a proper size fit is to measure a belt you currently wear. The proper way to measure is  from the buckle to the the hole you currently use. Do not rely on your pants waist size. If you intend to carry inside the waistband please take that into consideration when ordering and add 1-2" if needed to give you the correct amount of comfort. 


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Straight Gun Belt

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